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School Improvement Plan including Ready for Learning Components


American Rescue Plan LEA Plan for Use of ARP ESSER Fund as submitted July 21, 2021

American Rescue Plan LEA Plan for Use of ARP ESSER Fund as submitted April 4, 2022

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Harrison School District is committed to providing a safe, inclusive learning environment that inspires excellence and empowers students to achieve college and career readiness.


Collective Commitments



The Harrison School District School Improvement plan is a continuous cycle of studying data, planning for improvement, following the plan, checking on the success of the plan, then starting all over again by studying the data, planning for improvement, following the plan, and checking for success of the plan, etc.


This district is continuing to monitor progress and results from test scores each year. Based on those results, the following categories have been updated.



During the 2021-22 school year, we will continue to teach from day one, August 18, 2020 until school ends on Wednesday, May 26, 2022. We promise to provide a guaranteed and viable curriculum that will include options of onsite, blended, and offsite learning including all diagnostic assessments and state exams. (Dates updated 8/15/21)

Gaps created from unfinished learning during the conclusion of the 19-20 school year as well as during the 20-21 school year will be addressed utilizing the playbook from the State of Arkansas and district resources.

All staff will utilize a Learning Management System. For K-6 this will be Google Classroom and for grades 7-12, it will be Canvas. Teachers will be trained as needed to appropriately utilize a LMS while creating blended instruction.

Parents and students will be supported in every way possible as we explore education of the future.  We continue to be committed to Building the Future: Every Learner, Every Day, Every Way!

We will continue with a communication plan for all parents, students, and the community through a variety of avenues: website, social media, newspaper, radio, videos, REMIND messaging, zoom meetings, television, mail, and personal phone calls.

A current thorough re-entry plan is updated regularly.  These plans are dynamic in nature and can change daily.









Guiding Coalition Goals

*This plan began in the 2017-18 school year and continues to expand and change. It is a living document and will be updated as the plan evolves and changes to meet the needs of every learner, every day, every way!

  • We will monitor each student’s learning to inform and improve instruction.
  • We will provide families with resources, strategies and information to keep them engaged in their child’s education.
  • We will work collaboratively and take collective responsibility for the success of each student. 
  • We will hold ourselves accountable for student learning and developing each student’s potential.
  • We will model everything we expect from our students, including life-long learning, positive behaviors, and respect.
  • Data
    • Explore all data to make decisions
  • Literacy Plan
    • The district will continue with the implementation of the Arkansas Department of Education, Division of Elementary and Secondary Education's planned rollout of the RISE Initiative.  Pre-K through Twelfth grade staff will continue to implement research-based reading programs and attend professional development that will enhance the delivery of that implementation.
    • Five Components of Effective Literacy Instruction per the National Reading Panel
      • Phonemic Awarenes - Heggerty
      • Phonics
      • Vocabulary
      • Fluency
      • Comprehension
  • Ready for Learning Plan (Formerly Alternative Methods of Instruction Plan)
    • The district will continue to implement, modify, and adjust plans to better meet the needs of all students and be ready to pivot for anytime, anywhere learning.
  • People
    • Paraprofessionals at each building continue to assist classroom teachers for student success
    • Continue after-school tutoring in the elementary buildings for literacy and/or math (revised from add to continue)
    • Continue after-school tutoring in the middle school and high school for math (revised from add to continue)
    • Continue to recruit VISTA volunteers to assist with tutoring, classroom instruction, and/or instructional support(revised from add to continue)
    • Maintain current employees
    • Additions
      • 504 counselor and coordinator for grades 5-12 (updated 8/15/21)
      • Technology Facilitators for K-6 and 7-12
    • Plan
      • Develop plans for personnel during Ready for Learning Days (formerly Alternative Methods of Instruction Days)
  • Technolgoy (Software, Devices, Support Services)
    • Continue IXL for grades K-8 and students in 9-12 that are performing below grade level
    • Continue STAR assessments for students kindergarten through 12th grade.
    • 1:1 District Devices
      • Replaced tablets from 20-21 to touchscreen chromebooks in 21-22 for Kindergarten
      • Classroom Chromebooks - Grades 1-4 (Take home when needed)
      • Take Home Chroembooks - Grades 5-12
      • ADDED (20-21) Teacher Touchscreen Chromebook Devices
    • Continue GoGuardian usage
    • Current Additions (20-21)
      • Waterford Learning for K-2 students
      • EdPuzzle
      • Google Meet
      • Screencastify
    • Current Additions (21-22)
      • Open Ed Resources
      • Read/Write/Fluency Tutor Resources
    • Removals
      • Remove Lexia (19-20) and concentrate on other key resources already available and utilize more face to face interventions
  • Professional Development
    • Focus professional development on key focus areas only
      • Professional Learning Communities
      • RISE
      • Conscious Discipline
      • Trauma Informed Classrooms
      • ADDED (20-21) additional professional development to better prepare for anytime, anywhere learning through our Ready for Learning plan.
        • LMS training on
          • Google Classroom (K-6 LMS)
          • Canvas (7-12 LMS)
          • Blended Learning
        • Incentivized Staff Directed Training
          • Canvas Course - Goblin Growth
          • Google Certification Level One
          • Google Certification Level Two
      • ADDED (21-22) additional professional development for staff based on staff input and feedback
        • Continued LMS training
  • Health and Wellness
    • School and District Plans for Health and Wellness
    • Community members are welcome to attend meetings or become members of school or district committees.  Please contact Susan Gilley at 870-741-7600.
    • Wellness Policy is located in each handbook located on each school's web page
    • Health and wellness plans are assessed annually
  • Grants
    • The district will continue to research and apply for other grants to assist students
      • (20-21 Grants Applied for and Received)
        • 2 McKinney Vento Mini Grants
          • allowed for parent engagement with the clothing closet for homeless youth
          • allowed for summer school transportation and homeless liaison availability during the summer months
        • TANF Grant
          • Receiving funding to purchase freezers and pay personnel for additional duties of preparing off-site meals.
          • Additional freezer storage assisted the district in the capacity to feed 100% of the student population
      • 21-22 Grants
        • Received in 20-21 for the 21-22 school year - Computer Science Grant 
          • Utilize the GOBSmobile to integrate STEM and computer science activities with staff and students collaboratively
  • People
    • Check for data in order to determine the successful use of paras in each building for student success
    • Check for data in order to determine the success of tutoring on student improvement in literacy and math.
    • Check for data in order to determine the success of VISTA volunteers.
  • Technology 
    • Check for data to determine success of
      • IXL
      • STAR
      • Waterford
      • Screencastify
      • Device Usage
      • GoGuardian Usage
  • Professional Development
    • Check for data to determine success of professional development offerings and focus areas
      • Professional Learning Communities
      • RISE
      • Conscious Discipline
      • Trauma Informed Classrooms
      • LMS Development
      • Blended Learning
  • Health and Wellness
    • Check plans for compliance and recommended improvements
  • People
    • Adjust tutoring as needed 
    • Modify/adjust for new plans if tutoring is not producing desired results.
  • Teachnology
    • Modify/adjust technology based on data
  • Professional Development
    • Modify/adjust based on data
  • Health and Wellness
    • Modify/adjust based on recommendations