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Professional Development Procedures

Professional Development Procedures

  • When requesting to attend Professional Development activities, Harrison School District employees should follow the process outlined below.


    1. Complete a white Employee Absence Form requesting to be excused from your teaching duties to attend professional development. Turn the form in to the building principal for approval.
    2. After the principal approves the request to attend professional development, you may register for the event.
    3. Attach the event registration form to the white Employee Absence Form and send it to the Curriculum Coordinator’s office. The Curriculum Coordinator will code the payment, if applicable, and give final approval to attend the event.  


    Registration and approval should occur prior to attending the event.


    Additional Information

    Hotel Accomodations

    If an overnight stay is required, participants should notify McKenzie Allen ( of the name and location of the desired hotel, as well as the dates needed via email. She will make the necessary arrangements. Your event must be approved by the Curriculum Coordinator before hotel accomodations can be requested.


    Each participant is responsible for cancelling any Professional Development event they are unable to attend. Participants must notify the principal of the cancellation so that those monies set aside may be used for another request. The principal must then notify the district Administration of the cancellation so the purchase order can be denied in the system.

    No Show

    Failing to show up for a Professional Development could result in a ‘no-show fee’. All no-show fees are to be paid by the participant. Legislative audit does not allow the Harrison School District to pay for goods or services not received.