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Harrison Public Schools Foundation Awards Grants

Posted Date: 08/15/2022

Harrison Public Schools Foundation Awards Grants


The Harrison Public Schools Foundation has awarded over 300 grants to teachers in every HPS campus since its origination in 1998.  These grants, designed to improve educational opportunities for students, have totaled over $350,000.00.  Educators annually write project proposals which are submitted to the foundation committee for consideration.

This morning, at the district’s Back-To-School opening session, the foundation grant awarded almost $11,000 in grants for the following projects:

Classroom Libraries Promote Student Academic Success and Support Reading Goals - submitted by Amanda Grace - HHS

Through the Lens of Creativity - submitted by Becca Jackson - Forest Heights

Calming Cafe - submitted by Julie Gilbert - HMS

Game Changer - submitted by Kristin Motley - Skyline Heights

Battle of the Books - submitted by Melissa McDonald & Tammy Ward - Skyline Heights and Forest Heights

DRIVE – submitted by Shayne Thompson - HHS

RECOVER –  submitted by Shayne Thompson – HHS

Leave Your Mark - submitted by Stephanie Benton - HMS


In addition to these grants, the Foundation donated gift cards totaling $1,500 for employee giveaways.


Thank you, Harrison Schools Foundation, for your support of our staff and students!


For more information regarding the Harrison Schools Foundation and/or for information on how to donate, please click here.