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Harrison High School Veterans Day Assembly

Posted Date: 11/11/2022

Harrison High School Veterans Day Assembly

Veterans were honored at a special assembly at Harrison High School on November 11, 2022.  Veterans, students, staff, and the community were welcomed by Principal Jay Parker, followed a beautiful rendition of our National Anthem by the Harrison High School Chamber Singers. 

HHS Chamber Singers

The speaker for today’s assembly was Callie Mondy, who’s husband is a proud Goblin graduate.  Callie Monday followed in her family’s tradition by serving in our country’s military.  She spoke of service, patriotism, and the dedication and commitment of our military members.  She also challenged everyone in the room with her closing statement:  “On this year’s Veterans’ Day, make an effort to connect with a veteran.  Ask us to share our stories with you, so that they can be passed down and not forgotten...even long after we are gone.”

Callie Monday, 2022 Veterans Assembly speaker

Following the guest speaker, the Concert Choir and the 9th/10th Tenor/Bass Choir expertly performed “America the Beautiful” for the crowd.  The event closed with the playing of TAPS by HHS band members.