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District Administration

Dr. Stewart Pratt
P: 870-741-7600 ext. 7007


Mrs. Susan Gilley
Executive Director of Federal Programs
P: 870-741-7600 ext. 7014


Mrs. Debbie Wilson
Director of Curriculum,  Instruction & Assessment
P: 870-741-7600, ext. 7015


Mrs. Shannan Lovelace
Director of Finance
P: 870-741-7600, ext. 7009


Mrs. Brigid Bright
Director of Special Services
P: 870-741-7600, ext. 7025




Mrs. Rebecca Williams
School-Based Human Services & Homeless Liaison
P: 870-741-7600, ext. 7012


Mr. Adam Archer
Director of Technology
P: 870-741-7600, ext. 7017


Mr. Chris Pratt
Director of Athletics
P: 870-741-8223, ext. 8052


Dr. Lisa Carlon
Instructional Facilitator/Marketing
P: 870-741-7600